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Canon was here, every fanbrat is a loser.

[this is a sock, this is a sock, this is a sock]

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(This is [personal profile] guardians_song's RP account for [community profile] shipwar. Do not, I repeat DO NOT take anything this journal says seriously. This one in particular is batshit insane, so be forewarned.)

Hello there. I'm here to teach wanky, whiny little fanbrats a lesson. And that lesson is that there is canon, and ONLY canon. All this 'fanon' bullshit is the cancer that is killing fandom.

Cry moar if I hurt your precious little feelings in the process. This is the internet, kiddies, not a self-esteem course.

Also, tact is for weaklings.

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#1 - sock-puppetry, being a sock, being underappreciated by all these fanbrats, canon forever, secretly sobbing because essie doesn't love him, star trek vs. star wars, the morozov twins are wretched delinquents
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